Binary Squad

Binary Squad
France | Toulouse

About Binary Squad

Binary Squad is a duo born in southern France in 2013.
Tom and Jo are two electronic music producers, freeparty heads that discovered their common passion for producing so they went together to a sound design school in Montpellier. Joining their artistical and technical skills, from classical music to metal and electro, they throw a breaky dark hardtek from their own universe, getting inspired by the masters of the genre like Billx, Guigoo, Floxytek, Mat Weasel, Strez and many others.

They got their first stage thrills in 2015 in Nîmes then started to invade the european dancefloors alongside famous artists like Fant4stik, Suburbass and Vandal. Their new school hardtek fusion will make your shoes burning and your t-shirts soaking!