Metek Crew

Metek Crew
France | Bordeux / Marseilles

About Metek Crew

(METEK Records)

Metek is a Sound System band from the early hours of the Free Techno movement in France… Metek is much more than a collective of musicians, it is a Techno tribe that traveled through France, Europe, and North America for about 10 years to mix its music with new musical and human experiences… Faithful to an Old School Techno style, Metek offers through their albums a number of different music styles encountered through the years : Minimal Techno, Progressive, Tribe, Hardtek, Acidcore, Hardcore and Electronic Music. For ten years now, and throughout all Europe, METEK has organised hundreds of events which gathered from 500 to 50000 people : Free party, Teknival and other urban events. The crew has created and maintained a web of contacts in Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, and the USA.

1995, Metek Crew has created his structure of self-production of record : Metek Records (Metek Production).