Tao H

Tao H
France | Bordeaux

About Tao H

Tao H started to compose music in 2006. His style (hardtek, tribecore, psytribe) is oscillating between oldschool and newschool. Influenced by many music styles, his productions show various sounds going from acid to trance, through rock and metal. An active member of the “TEKNOVORES Sound System” operating in South-West of France, TaoH played in many French clubs as well as in other european countries (Italy, Belgium, Austria…).

Since 2013, he’s experimenting a new style he likes to call “Psytribe”, a fusion of hardtek and progressive trance / psytrance. An avant-gardist style, taylord for the dancefloor. Highly creative, TaoH will make you dance endlessly with his dynamic and original sounds.