The Sickest Squad

The Sickest Squad
Italy | Milano

About The Sickest Squad

(Neurotoxic / Psychik Genocide / R909)

Before the birth of Sick DJ Team in the summer of 2000, Xtr and Tnd had collaborated for a year. Their first appearance together was in Tnd’s
pub: Eretika. At the beginning, the team played lots of genres: techno, hardcore, industrial and breakcore. At the same time Sirio made one of the most interesting internet websites: “”, which promoted some tracks of the Sick. Quickly the collaboration with the webmaster was increased with finally his official entrance in the team.

One year later the three djs decided to released an E.P., “SICK 001” with six tracks, including, Inspector Fucker. The idea was a self production, but they had big problems, so they proposed their project to someone who knew very well hardcore: ”TRAXTORM RECORDS! A year later their first meeting in Traxtorm, “Inspector Fucker” was on sale. Naturally it had been a year of hard work to satisfy the Stunned Guys, which published this ep under the new label “G-net records”.
All Sick dj team’s efforts were rewarded, their first ep was soon in the track list of the most sold hardcore compilation: “TRAXTORM POWER 2003”.

Some months later, three of the tracks had been published on “THUNDERSCREAM COMPILATION”. The next two years were dedicated to the improvement of a new genre that they had been interested in and that they still love: Frenchcore! Lots of work and various sound experiments come together in “She’s a fucking cocksucker”, first release of the new genre, published on “TEMPLE OF TERROR 2005”. New sound, new name, so Sick dj Team
became The Sickest Squad. Since the end of 2004, releases were published non-stop…In January 2005 the three artists, satisfied by the new sound, decided to make the most important step: they sent a demo to the person they considered as the creator of frenchcore: “Radium”. The french artist, understanding the value of the squad, released “The Sickest EP”, published in September only eight months after the first contact with him.

While waiting for the answer from the “master” they still worked very hard. The collaboration with Frazzbass produced the releases “Noistorm 001 – Nobody escape” and “Shit and noiz art 009 – kill your brain”. When Randy opened again “909% black label”, specialized in industrial and frenchcore, the sickest squad
proposed “Obbligo o verità”, first vinyl in Italian published in September too, followed by a review that has called them “revelation frenchcore of the year”, and that excited and galvanized the three guys. At the end of 2005 lots of vinyls had been published and some of their tracks had been selected for numerous compilations.

In 2006, Sickest published, following the success of the first project,a new project in Italian on 909 “il clitoride”, an ep which soon became a success even outside Italy. This was to be the last project with the 3 guys together, some time later in fact Sirio left the squad. After that the new team published a limited edition 7″ with 2 tracks over 200 bpm on strike records.
hank’s to these releases the team increased its success beginning to perform in many parties.

More successes meant more work…. 2007 is without doubt the most important year for them with a lot of surprises. With live performances all over Europe. Their discography grew very fast with 4 new releases, including in April a various with Randy, speedfreak e frazzbass which went on “thunderdome 2007 compilation”.
At the same time the squad met Lenny Dee with whom they immediately began to collaborate in many projects, first of all
“LENNY DEE, RANDY & THE SICKEST SQUAD – Boomshakalaka”, wich soon began an hit!! After that Lenny suggested the creation of “TECKNO KILLERS”, a project that included him, the sickest and of course Randy, so let’s work!!

After so many frenchcore, the squad decided to open its mind to a new genre, creating the project “NEO GENESI” which in February had already 2 releases
the first one as TECKNO KILLERS and the other with a remix for “Martyn Hare”….
The use again of the alias SICK DJ TEAM completely changing the style publishing “SICK DJ TEAM – YOUTHANASIA” on industrial strength!
The year has just begun and the team has lots of techno, hardcore and frenchcore releases ready to destroy every dancefloor!!!